Test shoot Nikon D5300

Nikon 5300

Nikon recently released the 5300. With Nikon’s new Expeed 4 processor this lightweight DSLR packs a bit of punch.

At a quick glance some notable aspects are the cropped 24MP sensor, very impressive dynamic range at 14EV, the ability to shoot FULL HD at 60p (note the “p”), no OLP Filter and built in wireless. It boasts good low light performance as has a lightweight decently compact body.

With no filter and a decent MP count we would expect some sharpness yes? I took a few shots earlier with a Nikkor 80-200 ED set at f9 results below.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

How to Adjust Depth of Field

In simple terms depth of field is basically how blurry the background and foreground on an image is and it is measured from the point of focus in your image.

Depth of field is controlled by adjusting the cameras aperture settings. A wide aperture will decrease the depth of field and a smaller aperture will increase it. The focal length will also effect the depth of field typically the longer the focal length the more exaggerated the depth of field will be.